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You may be one of many people who feel a little uneasy, or a certain level of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. Or, you may be someone who has a phobia about seeing the dentist, and will find any reason not to make a dental appointment. If either of those are the case, you aren’t alone. Many people have varying degrees of discomfort when it comes to seeing the dentist. But as legitimate as your anxiety may be, if you don’t go to the dentist for your routine cleanings and exams, you are at an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other problems.

Nitrous oxide is a safe way of helping you to relax when you are in the dentist’s chair. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is safe and has been used in many dental practices for years. Many dentist prefer using nitrous oxide for the sedation of children. The gas is mixed with oxygen, and administered through a mask that is placed over your nose. As the gas takes effect, you will become relaxed, but you will not be unconscious. You can still communicate with the dentist if the need arises. The effects of the gas wear off within minutes after it has been removed. There are no lasting effects or recovery time, and you will even be able drive yourself home.

If you are someone who struggles with dental anxiety, or even has a dental phobia, talk to our dentist, Dr. Narinder Mahal about using nitrous oxide during your next appointment. To schedule a visit at Auburn Oaks Family Dentistry in Citrus Heights, California, call 916-722-4900 today.