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Dental implant technology has increased rapidly over the course of the last two decades. This has become a very popular option for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Installing dental implant supported bridge to replace multiple missing teeth might call for one or more oral surgeries. If you aren’t comfortable with this factor a dentist like Dr. Narinder Mahal might recommend fitting you for a removable partial denture.

This oral appliance can replicate the appearance and essential function of your missing teeth. It consists of artificial teeth that will be founded into a pink material which serves as the base. This will closely match your existing gum tissues for a firm, yet comfortable fit.

Depending on the overall size and location of the partial denture it might also include some interlocking hardware. This will help lock it in place with the surrounding natural teeth. At the same time many partial denture users like to apply a small bead of denture adhesive. This can also help to block out stray food particles.

When it’s in your mouth the partial denture will replicate the basic function of your missing teeth without the need for invasive oral surgery.

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