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The development of a fracture, chip, or crack in a tooth may be improved with a cosmetic dental contouring procedure, which prevents further damage by extracting a small amount of tooth enamel to change the tooth shape. Following tooth contouring, your smile may need fluoride exposure to improve the quality of the tooth enamel after injury.

Healthy amounts of tooth enamel may determine that you are a good candidate for cosmetic tooth shaping, but if your tooth damage or previous heavy dental work has resulted in the loss of enough tooth enamel for the dentin or pulp layer to be exposed, our dentist may suggest that you have the tooth protected with a cosmetic dental crown.

Tooth enamel that is healthy enough for cosmetic treatment may also benefit from fluoride exposure provided through concentrated fluoride toothpaste as well as professional fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatment fortifies the mineral density of the tooth so that it is less susceptible to tooth decay–in fact, numerous studies report that fluoride treatment lowers the risk of tooth decay so that you can enjoy your natural smile for a lifetime.

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