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As is the case with several forms of dental damage, you could be putting your teeth at an increased risk for several forms of injury associated with an unhealthy smile. Whether by aspects of your lifestyle, dietary selections, risks you take or peer pressure influences, your smile is always at risk for potential damage. To help keep your smile safe, understand the risks involved and eliminate them as necessary

One of the key oral health risks that can often arise in your life that can cause damage to your teeth and gums includes being involved in high-risk activities such as contact sports. Even a single blow to your face can destroy your smile in seconds. This is because your teeth are only prepared for chewing and are not as strong enough to withstand harmful acids or blunt trauma shock. To prevent several teeth from being knocked out or suffering extensive damage to your jawbone, always use the necessary safety equipment. This includes mouth guards, helmets and face masks, as well as any other oral appliances at your disposal.

Several health risks often find themselves linked to peer pressure influences. This can be related to pressures to take up smoking or chewing tobacco, using drugs, or wearing mouth jewelry. Always be aware of risks associated with any lifestyle choices or unhealthy products you may implement into your daily life. Be aware that smoking and chewing tobacco as well as using drugs are linked to several health risks including infections, tooth loss, and cancer. Furthermore, the presence of lip and tongue rings can give rise to nerve damage, oral inflammation, infectious diseases, and chipped and cracked teeth.

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