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Unfortunately, there are times that even thorough and consistent dental hygiene doesn’t stop tooth decay from developing on a tooth. As long as you receive timely treatment, we can often repair tooth decay with a simple dental filling. In cases where a significant amount of tooth enamel is decayed, our dentist may need to use a dental crown to repair a large cavity.

The first step in placing a dental crown requires that Dr. Narinder Mahal remove the remaining healthy tooth enamel. This enables us to form an abutment made from the core of the tooth so that we can anchor your permanent dental crown to your gum line.

The next step is to create a detailed impression of the abutment and neighboring teeth, which, once sent to a dental lab, will allow talented technicians to create the permanent crown. While we wait for the new crown to be sent to the office, we can place a temporary crown to keep the abutment safe and help you enjoy a full smile.

Following the completion of the crown, a member of our team will call you back to our office for a brief second appointment. After the temporary crown is removed, we will cement your new permanent crown using a dental-grade adhesive for a long-lasting anchor.

If you have a tooth that has developed a large cavity, we encourage you to call Dr. Narinder Mahal’s office at 916-722-4900 to receive a dental crown or other dental restoration as soon as possible. Contact Auburn Oaks Family Dentistry in Citrus Heights, California!