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When a tooth is severely distressed by an untreated cavity or a dental fracture, the damage to the core of the tooth or the underlying socket can sometimes be so bad that Dr. Narinder Mahal can’t viably treat it with a root canal. In these rare cases, the only way to alleviate the pain and prevent a dangerous infection from passing to your bloodstream might be for him to completely extract the tooth.

This course of treatment also involves Dr. Narinder Mahal closing the dental socket, or suturing the surrounding gums. Once this is done he will provide you with any necessary prescriptions for pain, anti-inflammatory, or antibiotic medication.

While the gums around the extraction site are healing, it’s best to avoid chewing food in that area of your mouth. It might also help ease any muscle tension in your jaw to eat a diet of soft foods for a few days after the extraction. You should also try to avoid drinking beverages through a straw, as it could pull a blood clot loose.

Your gums might occasionally bleed for a few days after the extraction. When this happens you can minimize the bleeding by biting down lightly on some sterile gauze. Afterward, you can cleanse your mouth by gently rinsing with a little lukewarm saltwater rinse.  

Once your gums have fully healed and you’re ready Dr. Narinder Mahal can discuss dental restoration options with you. This might include installing a dental bridge or a dental implant restoration with a dental crown.

If you are in the Citrus Heights, California, area and you have a severely distressed you should call 916-722-4900 to seek emergency treatment from the dental specialists at Auburn Oaks Family Dentistry.