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Do you know what the strongest material in your body is? Believe it or not, it is tooth enamel! Even so, this tough, outer layer of the tooth which safeguards the dentin below it is vulnerable to erosion. And when this happens and the dentin (bonelike material) is exposed, your tooth will be susceptible to the bacteria and plaque that promotes tooth decay.

Do you have cracked or rounded teeth, teeth that appear transparent, sensitive teeth, or discoloration on your pearly whites? If so, this is an indication that you may be experiencing enamel erosion.

Essentially, enamel erosion is caused by acid on the teeth, attacking the tooth and dissolving the enamel. The biggest cause of acid in the mouth comes from the drinks you consume. All carbonated drinks contain acid, along with wine (rosé, white and red) which softens tooth enamel. Fruit juices, such as lemon, cranberry, orange, and apple juice contain sufficient acid to cause enamel erosion. To protect your enamel from erosion, limit acidic drinks, consume them with meals rather than sipping all day, and use a straw to limit contact with teeth.

Acid erosion can also come from the acid that is already in your body which can enter the mouth. Specifically, stomach acid can come into contact with tooth enamel if you are pregnant, have acid reflux, or have an eating disorder where you vomit regularly. In this instance, you will want to see a medical professional to help you deal with these conditions.

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