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If taken care of properly, dentures can last a long time. However, poor care of your dentures can break, chip or erode your dentures and might even cause damage to your mouth and gums.

Our dentist, Dr. Narinder Mahal, is experienced with helping patients with dentures keep their mouth healthy. Additionally, our team at Auburn Oaks Family Dentistry in Citrus Heights, California, want to make sure you know how to keep care of your dentures to make sure you promote your oral health.

When inserting, cleaning, or removing your dentures, stand over a folded tower or a sink with water in it. Resin based rigid dentures are delicate, and if dropped they may chip and break. If they break or chip, this can cause more discomfort to you and might even hurt your mouth. If you chip or break your dentures, immediately set an appointment to have them looked at by a professional for repair or replacement. Do not try to adjust them yourself as this can damage them more.

When caring for your dentures, do not allow them to dry out. When you are not wearing your dentures, place them in a cleanser soaking solution, or even in plain water. Never use hot water to store your dentures as this can warp the resin base.

If you are concerned about your mouth or would like to know more about caring for your dentures, our team wants to help. You can schedule an appointment with us today by calling 916-722-4900.