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How effective is your oral health care in preventing dental damage? If for any reason you have dental damage in the form of chips or cracks in your teeth or have signs of infections, you should visit your dentist to determine if a toothache is present. If left untreated, severe injuries and oral health ailments can arise in your mouth, including infections, tooth loss, and further damage to your jaw and face. Listed below are common indications or causes of toothaches:

– If you are using medications and pain continues to occur, it could be linked to a toothache.

– If you ever receive a tooth extraction and pain still lingers on 24 hours after the treatment, a toothache may be the cause.

– Inflammation of your face, a fever, noticeable tooth discharge, and other symptoms are often associated with toothaches. Furthermore, high fevers and chills, as well as facial rashes that cannot easily be explained may be caused by a toothache.

– If you have suffered an oral accident or injury to a tooth, a toothache may also be present.

– If you have suffered extensive nerve damage to the pulp of a tooth, a toothache is present.

– Be aware of oral health care ailments that can lead to toothaches, including TMJ disorders.

– If your wisdom teeth fail to fully grow in properly, a toothache can arise.

To make sure your oral health remains in excellent condition, please schedule an appointment with Auburn Oaks Family Dentistry at our office in Citrus Heights, California by calling us at 916-722-4900. Dr. Narinder Mahal and our team with make sure you receive the toothache treatment your smile requires.